With over 40 years of experience and numerous collections in his repertoire, Franco-Italian designer J.P. Gassa, launched the premium menswear collection UNITY in 2005.

J.P. Gassa’s vision is of a ‘timeless silhouette’ stemming from the French culture of tradition and elegance. With an emphasis on quality, creativity and craftsmanship, each UNITY garment is created from a deep understanding of artisan work in which the designer combines his astute attention to detail with the excellence of his ‘savoir-faire’.
The UNITY collection pushes boundaries in design but the execution of the cuts pay tribute to J.P.Gassa’s educated roots in tailoring.

UNITY takes inspiration from a fusion of European culture such as vintage utilitarian uniforms and Saville Row tailoring where the designer may take a certain essence of a design and revisit the classic code.

UNITY designs are contemporary for a stylish and confident client that wants to express their own unique style. We believe that the story of the garment does not finish with the manufactured product, but begins its journey with the interpretation of the customer. UNITY is a movement of style and self-expression, where the customer can redefine each piece. His passion for clothes is driven by emotion. His emotion will define his style.